Thank You to Gerych’s, The Laundry’s and Crust’s Support for the Arts by 

Providing Door Prizes to the Fenton Arts Council’s First

Meet & Greet Event

Friday, October 7

And WELCOME to our New Members!


Have you seen the latest exhibit at the Fenton House restaurant?

Here’s a Sneak Peek:




New Time for OPEN STUDIO & LAVA Meetings

Meet up with local artists at the Fenton Community Center on Wednesday’s every week in the Art Room

 NEW TIME!!  10:00 to 4:30pm, no fee.  Just drop in to meet and greet other artists, or create. (just bring your supplies)

Sponsored by:  The Fenton Lakes Area Arts Council, the Fenton Community and Cultural Center & SLPR.

For more information on getting involved in community art and culture, email your questions to:  info@LakesAreaArtsCouncil.org

The 3rd Wednesday of every month, the Lakes Area Arts Council visual artists committee (LAVA)  meets to discuss upcoming exhibitions and events, at 3:30 in the Art Room during Open Studio.  All interested artists are invited.  Open to the public.

Non-Fiction & Poetry Groups

Are you a fan of Poetry?  A group of poetry fans meets monthly at the Fenton Library  to discuss & enjoy poetry together.

On Thursday September 22nd, beginning at 3:00, the group will be considering the poetry of Carl Sandburg.
Everyone is welcome!  Bring a friend!

A Non Fiction discussion group meets every 3 months at the Fenton Library.

The non-fiction group is currently reading:

“Children of the Stone:  the Power of Music in a Hard Land”

to be discussed on Tuesday November 15th, 6:30.

This is the story of   a
Palestinian boy growing up under Israeli occupation and the role of fine
music and musicians in the struggle. (This date is earlier than usual
due to Thanksgiving.)

Again, everyone is welcome! Bring a friend!

~~~~ Art Video of the Month ~~~~

Ben Franklin: Sonic Explorer

Who’s heard of an armonica? No, not the blues harp—the armonica, sans “h.” It’s an instrument based on the water-filled-wine-glass idea, only more efficient. The brain behind the setup was none other than master innovator Benjamin Franklin.

– Hugh James/CC BY-3.0

Click here for video

As an American ambassador to England, Franklin attended a concert in 1761 featuring musical glasses—a concept explored by 17th and 18th century European musicians. While the tunes charmed him, “he thought the playing method, jumping from individual glass to glass, was too cumbersome,” says armonica player (and SciFri guest) Dennis James, citing Franklin’s diary. So, the polymath devised a way to mechanize the setup. He named his creation “armonica,” after the Italian word for harmony, armonia. You have to see the armonica in action and learn more about Franklin’s sonic experiments!

~~~~ And Another:

Pirates, Nurses and Other Rebel Designers


To watch the fascinating video click on the image

In this ode to design renegades, Alice Rawsthorn highlights the work of unlikely heroes, from Blackbeard to Florence Nightingale. Drawing a line from these bold thinkers to some early modern visionaries like Buckminster Fuller, Rawsthorn shows how the greatest designers are often the most rebellious.

Creative Spark*

Creative Spark* was started by Joan Horcha & Mary Lou Ackerman.  They will be contributing bits of info meant to Spark* your thoughts of art:  love of art, how you see art, create art and think about art.

“Art is the signature of civilizations.”
Beverly Sills

“True artists are almost the only men who do their work for pleasure.”
Auguste Rodin

“Art resides in the quality of doing, process is not magic.”
Charles Eames

“Athletes aren’t the only people trying to set world records in Rio de Janeiro ….

…. right now, and one artist might have nabbed the gold this week for the world’s largest mural created by a single person. Eduardo Kobra debuted ‘Etnias’ (translation “ethnicities”) along the heavily trafficked ’Olympic boulevard’, stretching an incredible 623 feet in vivid color across 32,000 square feet of a brick wall belonging to a formerly abandoned warehouse. mural portrays the faces of five indigenous men and women from five continents, including the Mursi of Ethiopia, the Kayin of Thailand, the Supi of Europe, the Tapajos from the Americas and the Huli of Papua New Guinea.”


See More Olympic Murals here

What arts organizers and businesses are doing to sustain growth


MONDAY, JULY 25, 2016

Community and cultural organizers know the arts are a huge draw for both residents and visitors in any community. The trick always is how to support a variety of arts financially. Galleries aren’t cheap to run; films and theater cost money to produce; someone has to pay for public art projects. Here’s how creative people around Michigan are making it happen, from crowdfunding and contests to grants and partnerships with local businesses.

Click here to see how Michigan Communities are using art to sustain growth

“How Artists Change the World”

From the New York times


“As usual, there were a ton of artists and musicians at the political conventions this year. And that raises some questions. How much should artists get involved in politics? How can artists best promote social change?

One person who serves as a model here was not an artist but understood how to use a new art form. Frederick Douglass made himself the most photographed American of the 19th century, which is kind of amazing. He sat for 160 separate photographs (George Custer sat for 155 and Abraham Lincoln for 126). He also wrote four lectures on photography.

read more here….