What a Grand Exhibit and Spectacular Event to end the
2016 Arts Are The Heart Series!

The Images Tell the Story

Free Art Activities for kids:


ClayCreationsFlyingHerBug Music Bug PaintedFace YouDidItThe Art Exhibit:

Jo-AnnJon&CharlotteJo-Ann & Jon Gerych and Mrs. C. Teachworth donated the art to the City of Fenton


Thanks to AGS Middle School for use of the tiger


Charley Harper, artist biograghpy



Former colleagues Mrs. C. Teachworth and Lyle Chapman


Red Bird, Tiger & Butterfly



City Councilman Scott Grossmeyer and Jon Gerych

Thank you Gerych’s for bringing the jungle forest to the exhibit!



Enjoying the artPaintings


Mike Burns, Lynn Markland & Pat Lockwood


The exhibit is magnificent!


Triplicity Piano Trio


Thank you to all who made this event happen!



Fenton ArtWalk Logo  The 6th Annual Fenton ArtWalk was a huge success!!


Thanks to all for a fabulous 6th Fenton ArtWalk!

Thank you artists!
Thank you merchants!
Thank you Sponsors!
Thank you City of Fenton!
Special thanks to everyone attending!!
See you next year!
Check out these ArtWalk 2016 images:

Ready to start the ArtWalk   Flags

NancyPennellNancy Pennell

AlMorrisonAl Morrison

LavaTentThe LAVA tent. (Lakes Area Visual Artists)

Kevin&CharlesStreetartKevin Burdick and Charles Boike

TieDyeGiantsAwesome local band:  “Tie Dyed Giants”

MikeHagarMike Hagar

MeghanPlacekMeghan Placek

BrookeIsaacsonBrooke Isaacson

MichaelGlennMonroeMichael Glenn Monroe

AnnetteTiptonAnnette Tipton

TrentonOdetteTrenton Odette

SteveWoodSteve Wood

JulieDillerJulie Diller

Fine Art and Artzy Mask Exhibits/Competitions:


Awaiting Award Announcements


Award Judge Eddie Watkins & presenters


Anxiously awaiting announcement of Artzy Mask winners


Steve Bliss of Acorn Wealth Advisors with 1st place mask in one of the age groups, by Dade McKee

Steve presents 2nd place Artzy Mask award to Carolyn Sdunek

 DeniseAward   Denise Willing-Booher, 2nd place Fine Art

SallyAward  Sally J. Bright, 1st place Fine Art

Thank you all for making this year’s Fenton ArtWalk a rousing success!


Special thanks to Linda Dyball, Fenton Lakes Area Arts Council VP & lead on this project!

The City of Fenton, Fenton DDA and Lakes Area Arts Council is very proud to bring you this free family event, part of Fenton’s Arts and Cultural Momentum!

Award Winners in the ArtWalk 2016 Fine Art Exhibit and Artzy Mask Exhibit:

Juror Eddie Watkins, Art Professor at MCC
All Prizes donated by Acorn Wealth Advisors, Steve Bliss

LAAC Artzy Mask Competition
1. Age Category: 1-7
1st Place: Dane McKee
2nd Place: Evee Brendel
Third Place: Michaela Wolbert
2. Age Category: 8-14
1st Place: Riley Masser
2nd Place: Kendall Pompei
Third Place: Lily Stanis
3. Age Category: 15-18
1st Place: Alexandria Pompei
2nd Place: Michael Hatten
Third Place: Darby Thomason
4. Age Category: 19-54
1st Place: Sally Bright
2nd Place: Ron Stack
Third Place: Shirley Ciofu
5. Age Category: 55+
1st Place: Lynn Duffey
2nd Place: Jeanne Delong
Third Place: Carolyn Sdunek
6. Business Category
1st Place: Fenton Glass – Brian Ellwell
2nd Place: Yesterdays Treasure – Jeanne Delong
Third Place: Crust – Mark Hamel

LAAC Fine Art Competition
1st Place – Sally Bright
2nd Place – Denise Willing-Booher
3rd Place – Julie Diller

Consider joining the LAAC whether your as artist or an art lover. Look us up on the web at www.lakesareaartscouncil.org. We have a weekly open studio on Wednesdays and monthly meetings, artist presentations and workshops!

AathAD2016  AwAD2016

Click images above for more info


New Time for OPEN STUDIO & LAVA Meetings

Meet up with local artists at the Fenton Community Center on Wednesday’s every week in the Art Room
 NEW TIME!!  10:00 to 4:30pm, no fee.  Just drop in to meet and greet other artists, or create. (just bring your supplies)

Sponsored by:  The Lakes Area Arts Council, SLPR and the Fenton Community and Cultural Center.

For more information on getting involved in community art and culture, visit LakesAreaArtsCouncil.org or email:  info@LakesAreaArtsCouncil.org

The 3rd Wednesday of every month, the Lakes Area Arts Council visual artists committee (LAVA)  will meet at 3:30 in the Art Room during Open Studio.  All interested artists are invited.  Open to the public.

Fenton Village Players present:

Early One Evening at the Rainbow Bar & Grille

Performances: September 15 – 18 and 22 – 25


synopsis:   “This is a wonderful, off beat variation on the saloon situation comedy. Nuclear bombs have destroyed much of the U.S. and various denizens of this working class bar are trying to decide what to do. Enter a traveling salesman who turns out to be God, come to offer the bartender immortality if he will write a new Bible and get it right this time.”


Click here for tickets and the FVP website

Fenton High School Jazz Orchestra Sends Special Thanks to LAAC


More from the July 1 “Arts Are The Heart”:

 IMG_6408IMG_6431 IMG_6445 IMG_6528 IMG_6527 IMG_6492 IMG_6501

Non-Fiction & Poetry Groups

Are you a fan of Poetry?  A group of poetry fans meets monthly at the Fenton Library  to discuss & enjoy poetry together.

On Thursday July 28th, beginning at 3:00, the group will be considering the poetry of Robert Frost.
Everyone is welcome!  Bring a friend!

A Non Fiction discussion group meets every 3 months at the Fenton Library.

The non-fiction group is currently reading:

“The Arsenal of Democracy: FDR, Detroit, and an Epic Quest
to Arm an America at War”

to be discussed on Tuesday August 23rd, 6:30.

Again, everyone is welcome! Bring a friend!

 July 1 “Arts Are The Heart”


~~~~ Art Video of the Month ~~~~

Check out Ann Arbor water tower’s wild new look


Click on image to see the video.

Creative Spark*

Creative Spark* was started by Joan Horcha & Mary Lou Ackerman.  They will be contributing bits of info meant to Spark* your thoughts of art:  love of art, how you see art, create art and think about art.

Spring is Here!

“Art is the signature of civilizations.”
Beverly Sills

“True artists are almost the only men who do their work for pleasure.”
Auguste Rodin

“Art resides in the quality of doing, process is not magic.”
Charles Eames

Fenton Summer Concert Series!

At the gazebo, every Thursday through August


Call for Artists

Plein Air Painting at Applewood

The “Wet Paint Day” call-for-artists which was published at the beginning of May announced that enrollment would be limited to 45 artists, and that the enrollment fees must be paid by June 15.  We wish to advise you that since we have not yet reached our limit of 45 artists, we will continue to accept enrollments as long as we have openings.

A copy of the revised call-for-artists is attached.  If you have questions, please phone the Flint Institute of Arts Art Sales & Rental Gallery (810-237-7321) or contact Robert Van Duyne at 810-694-7230 or rvanduyne@comcast.net.


New Law Can Hurt Michigan Schools’ Arts Education


Recently Representative Lisa Posthumus Lyons (R – Alto) and members of the Michigan legislature introduced a piece of legislation that if passed would have a devastating impact on arts education in Michigan schools.

This article is copied from the Arts Council of Greater Lansing newsletter:

As a part of the Michigan Merit Curriculum, high school students are required to take one credit in the arts (visual, performing or applied) to qualify for graduation. This measure was signed into law in 2006 with overwhelming bi-partisan support (136 yeas’ – 11 nays’ and 1 excused). House Bill 5463 would eliminate that requirement and instead allow students to complete three credits in any of the following “21st Century Skills”:
A language other than English
Visual, performing, or applied arts.
Computer science or computer coding, or a combination of the two.
A Michigan Department of Education (MDE)-approved formal career and technical education program.
HB 5463 was initially introduced as a bill that would simply add computer coding as an allowable method to complete the language requirement. During a House Workforce and Development Committee meeting, a substitute H-1 was offered which transformed the bill from one minor change to the Merit Curriculum requirements to a sweeping rewrite. The H-1 substitute was approved by the Committee and sent to the full House by a vote of 14-0.

Creative Many certainly does not oppose providing Michigan students with opportunities to learn valuable computer coding skills, but such opportunities should not come at the expense of arts education. Considering the growing number Michigan jobs available in the creative industries now and in the future, arts education is essential to ensuring that our students have the knowledge and skills necessary to fill these positions and help a thriving economic sector continue to grow and prosper.

In fact, according to the recently released Creative Many’s Creative Industries Report, in 2014 Michigan’s creative industries generated nearly $5 billion in wages for 88,761 employees in 10,706 creative businesses. Additionally, in 2013 nonprofit arts and cultural organizations in Michigan contributed more than $610 million in annual expenditures, a $15 million increase from the previous year.

You can view a copy of House Bill 5463 (H-1) here and a summary of the legislation here.

Contact your Michigan State Representative today and urge them to oppose House Bill 5463 in its current form. This legislation could move at any moment so time is of the essence for arts education in Michigan. Ask your lawmaker to restore the one credit fine arts requirement in the Michigan Merit Curriculum. Click here to send a message to your lawmaker today.

Creative Many and our allies will continue our work to keep this bill from undermining arts education in Michigan and will keep you informed as things progress.

As always, please feel free to contact Sarah Triplett, Director of Public Policy, with any questions at sarah@creativemany.org or by phone at 517.599.7784.

Why Building Arts-Based Communities Is So Important

by Suzanne Gerber  SuzanneGerber

…….  For the past decade, creative placemaking has come to describe projects in which “art plays an intentional and integrated role in place-based community planning and development.” That definition is from Jamie Bennett, executive director of ArtPlace America (APA), a consortium of federal agencies, banks and philanthropic foundations who believe that artists and arts organizations can shape the social, physical and economic characters of their communities.

Putting art at the heart of a community enhances our lives by stirring hard-to-articulate feelings and inspiring us to look beyond what we believe to be possible and imagine a more vibrant, exciting future. It also reminds us that we’re all creative beings — and that whether we’re making art or music, telling stories or cathartically sharing in the experience, we’re all connected.


Beyond the sociological aspects, how can these kinds of community art projects benefit individuals?

The NEA [National Endowment for the Arts] published a research-driven white paper called How Art Works, showing that when art happens, there are benefits to communities and to individuals. Those benefits include increased creative capacity and insight, the ability to bridge and bond and make connections with people who aren’t like you. Art is unique in that it offers individualized experiences, which can comfort you, sometimes provoke you, sometimes challenge you and sometimes it does all of those things………

Read the entire article here.

After World War II, Japanese American architect became “the new modernist designer” in Detroit

Michigan has its fair share of magnificent architects, one of whom is Minoru Yamasaki.

By Stateside Staff, Michigan Radio


Author John Gallagher recently wrote a book about Yamasaki. He joined us today on Stateside.

Yamasaki lived during World War II, when life for many Japanese Americans was not easy. Some suffered in internment camps, and Yamasaki too faced discrimination.

“And yet he was so good at what he did and so brilliant that he got these sort of high-end commissions, you know, from early on designing a naval base for the military at the height of World War II,” Gallagher said.

Read more or listen to the interview here.